Hey y’all!  I’m Stacy!  And I’m so glad you have stopped by my little space on the Web.  So grab a glass of sweet and sit a spell, browse my galleries and get to know the girl behind the camera! 

 There is nothing I love more than being behind the lens; telling stories, capturing personalities, and giving sweet folks like you something to hold on to and cherish for generations to come. I was once told I should pick a genre in photography and stick with just one to build a more successful business.  But, that is not who I am.  My work can’t be contained to just one category of photography because to me it’s all connected.  I guess you could say I specialize in love and authentic relationships.  I take as much care and detail to a newborn session as I do a wedding.  From the smallest details of the bride’s lace rimmed gown, to the tear on her groom’s cheek as he watches his forever walk towards him...  From the laughter of a sweet child getting an overload of kisses from his mommy, to a daddy dancing with his little girl in the evening sunset...  I am there, carefully capturing your moments that piece together to create a beautiful piece of history to look back on and share with loved ones for generations to come.

 On a more personal note, I am a stay at home mom to two of the sweetest little boys, Lucas and Jacob.  Lucas’s gentle, caring, 8-year old heart melts me each and every day.  My Jacob is 5 and he is a big bundle of silliness and joy.  My sweet husband works hard to ensure I can do what I love, and without his support I would have never picked up my camera for the public.  Together we live on a farm snuggled in the Tennessee hills of Lynchburg—the sweetest small town on the map (and home of the Jack Daniel Distillery)—surrounded by our cattle, wild deer, hayfields and a view of the sunset from our front porch that takes my breath away each evening as it hits the Lois ridge.

 I have a southern heart, and you bet I will hug you upon meeting you. I love to cook and believe the more butter the better.  My faith is strong, and I believe in loving others as yourself.  God is my rock.  My best friend.  I talk to Him through prayer just as much as I have conversations with those around me.  Jesus is my hero.  My Savior.  And I believe everyone should get to know Him. 

 My southern roots come out in my photography style.  My work is warm, real, and it is rare to see a session that has not been sun-kissed by a Tennessee sunset.  Our time together is so very special to me.  I prefer “friends” over “clients” because that is what each sweet person who has stepped in front of my camera has become…a cherished friend.  So sweet friend, I hope we get to work together soon in capturing a piece of your story for you to forever cherish!


*Images of my family and I by the sweet Kara Faye Photography.*